Working with AltaCreative starts with our three-step process designed to set a firm foundation for all your financial advisor marketing efforts going forward. Before we dive into this process, we get acquainted with research and discovery. In the first step, Content Strategy and Copywriting, we work with you to develop concepts and strategies fueled by your current needs and plans for future growth.

Step 1: What are you going to say?

Content Strategy and Copywriting

Copywriting is essential for effective marketing. That’s why we make copywriting the first step in our process. Copywriting is the art and science of strategically delivering words that get people to act. In the copywriting phase, we set aside the tools in favor of a rich, collaborative dialogue. We dedicate real time and attention to helping you articulate your unique value. It’s an exercise that yields dividends beyond a simple draft of a website or brochure. It sets a foundation for every marketing activity to follow.

Step 2: How is it going to look?

Graphic Design

Graphic design, also known as communication design, is the next step in our process. The term “wow factor” is often used when graphic design particularly resonates with the audience.  Because we only work with financial advisors, we understand that Wow! must live in harmony with compliance and client expectations. We also include an additional parameter in our definition of Wow!: effective. Investment-worthy services go beyond attractive, they are effective. That’s why we take all of our design cues from a well-defined message and content strategy.

Step 3: How does it become more than an idea?


During the final phase of the process, we translate all the work of the first two phases into something digitally or physically tangible. Where function and form meet, you will soon be interacting with a live website or holding a finely textured brochure in your hands.