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Effective email marketing engages your client base and attracts prospects.

A successful email marketing campaign contains relevant, useful information for your clients. It shows you’re listening to them, providing something engaging that they can use. It doesn’t have to be lengthy or complicated. This is where a strategic content strategy also helps. The new content on your website gives you a reason to send an email and let your clients know you’ve written something for them.

While some of your clients may enjoy an email that is clearly auto-mailed and not written in your voice or the voice of your firm, most will see it as spam and may feel intruded upon. Your communications should be welcomed, not a source of frustration — just one more thing your clients’ have to delete in order to clear out their inboxes.

Effective email marketing motivates your clients and prospects to take action.

When email marketing campaigns have an objective that can be measured, they add value and become a tool to convert leads instead of a costly marketing to-do that should be checked off a list. Canned email newsletters do not contain specific “asks,” i.e., actions you specifically want your clients or prospects to take. They may or may not lead your clients to call you or refer you and may actually drive business away.