Social media engagement leads to conversions.

Conversions are a result of strategic, authentic engagement. They cannot be automated. Sure, you can add a newsfeed to your website or post links to other news sources to your LinkedIn feed, but think about it. Do you really want the most compelling thing about your social media strategy to be that it instantly leads people away from your website, deterring any deeper interaction with you or your firm?

When used effectively, social media platforms are an ideal tool to provide this kind of authentic engagement. Your social media posts provide clients with useful, relevant and engaging information. It is important that your social media posts always include personal commentary from you: a short sentence or two can provide valuable context, demonstrating both authenticity and authority. Your posts should also always include a call to action. Invite clients back to your website where engaging content awaits. This is how social media can turn your online connections into real life relationships, converting prospects into clients.

Social media promotes your brand to a larger audience.

Your social media accounts are an extension of your brand. They’re the platform where you can increase your reach and the frequency with which you communicate to your intended audience. Wherever clients and prospects interact with your firm – on your website, in their email inbox, on their annual investment review – they should be able to instantly recognize your brand. That means your social media, website, print collateral and business cards all need to speak your brand loud and clear.