Tracking performance increases your Digital Marketing ROI.

Your website offers data that can (and should) influence the decisions you make both online and offline to increase your ROI. Don’t set and forget your website. After your site is launched, its performance should be measured monthly to ensure your investments in Digital Marketing are paying off. AltaCreative can help you read and analyze what is happening on your website so that you can use it like the powerful selling tool it is.

For example, if your email campaigns tend to drive a lot of traffic to your website, you might consider dedicating more time and resources to those emails and sending them more often. Is Facebook driving traffic to your website? Perhaps you should invest more time in a Facebook marketing campaign or pay attention to what posts potential clients engage with.

Understanding performance metrics is crucial to your Digital Marketing strategy.

What steps can you take to make your website or email marketing campaigns more effective? What content and marketing strategies are performing well, and which are falling flat? This is powerful information that many advisors never tap into. Though tracking is often included in template websites, there is no way for an advisor to know what the metrics mean. AltaCreative can help you identify the most important metrics that you should be tracking and develop an effective Digital Marketing strategy around those metrics.