Dynamic content increases web traffic and your income potential.

Think of your website just like you think of other income-generating activities for your business. You wouldn’t go to just one networking event, would you? You return month after month. You don’t send out just one email campaign and forget it – you continue to put yourself in front of your potential clients and customers. Your website is the same. It’s not enough to simply publish content one time and be done with it. Your clients (and Google) need to continually have a reason to come back and visit your site.

How do you accomplish this? Updated, relevant content. This can be done through blogging regularly about industry news and events, or taking the time to address questions or issues that your clients regularly bring to your attention. Remember, your clients aren’t financial industry experts, and they rely on you to be a source of information.

Canned content does more harm than good.

Content that is unique to your firm and rich with detail about the value you offer clients is more effective than what Google now classes as “duplicate content,” i.e., content that hundreds of advisors across the country are also using. Because it does nothing to increase your site’s ranking or your credibility, canned content should not be a factor in your Digital Marketing decision-making process. Original content, properly optimized with research-based keywords is lower maintenance and works harder.