Make your website into a lead generation machine.

Your website is your first impression as a financial advisor. When designed and structured correctly, your website serves as much more than a digital brochure. Every element of your website should accommodate your prospects and clients. What are they looking for? How easy is it to find? Is the content leading them through the site strategically, or is it fill-in-the-blank and based on the needs of a generic template? Building your website to optimal standards is the first step in creating a lasting impression, and the benefits are numerous. An optimized website:

  • Reinforces your brand
  • Establishes you as an authority in your field
  • Creates a place where you can communicate with your clients
  • Provides an opportunity to share information
  • Builds trust
  • And, most importantly, generates leads

Original content and responsive design drive user engagement.

What keeps users engaged and what turns them away should be the key drivers of your website content and design. It’s not enough to have a website. Your website must communicate that your firm is paying attention to the needs of clients. That means it must look and function to certain standards. Mobile responsiveness, ease of use, relevant content and functioning links and features are all on the shortlist of how your prospects will judge your website and your firm. That’s why it’s so important to benchmark your site to the user’s standards, not those of most of your industry peers.

“My business is referral-based. My clients don’t find me through Google so I don’t need to worry about “key words” and search engine optimization”

Search engine optimization creates opportunity.

Through rich, original content and proper construction, your website is welcoming to search engines from the minute we launch. Even if you don’t believe you will ever gain a single viable prospect from a blind search, it’s essential that your referrals can easily find you online. Be assured, it’s the first thing they will do, even before meeting you in person. If someone is taking the time to perform a search for financial advisors in a particular geographic area, why wouldn’t you want to appear? Why not make sure that your website compels them to reach out to you and set that meeting? Can you afford not to take advantage of this powerful opportunity?