Professional branding communicates value and drives growth for your firm.

Branding for financial advisors is imperative in today’s regulatory environment. Your brand is more than an individual marketing investment to create a logo or brochure – it’s a long-term strategy that, when executed well, can help you win and maintain business. A polished, professional brand is a financial advisor’s best opportunity to positively shape the perceptions of clients and prospects alike.

As you walk through the financial advisor branding process with AltaCreative, ask yourself what goals you want your branding to accomplish. Consider the needs of your clients as well as their emotions, situations and backgrounds. How do you envision your brand speaking to them? What do you want to say through your logo, website and brochure? What kind of message are you trying to convey?

Creative and compliant financial advisor branding builds trust.

You have invested considerable energy in earning a high level of trust with your clients, and your brand should empower that credibility with clean, concept-driven design, not overpower it with flashy gimmicks that distract from your message. Because AltaCreative is dedicated to serving the financial services industry, we understand that compliance can be intimidating. Other creative firms with limited experience may be led to regurgitate the same content. Our financial industry experts have in-depth knowledge of the compliance process, enabling them to craft communication that is both creatively compelling and compliance-friendly.

A comprehensive brand strategy encompasses the following:

Visual Identity

Logos, fonts and colors.

Voice and Messaging

Defining what you say as a firm and how you say it. Establishing a tone for various types of communication and overall brand personality.

Formal Communications

Email signatures, business forms, account statements, white papers, fact finders, etc.

Brochures and Stationery

Professional brochures, business cards, note cards, letterhead and various envelope sizes.

Digital Marketing

Website, social media and blog content.

We believe our clients have the best ideas. You are the expert in your business. We will work in partnership with you to develop a communications strategy that distills your best ideas into a clear and concise message, enhancing your dedication to client experience while helping you realize your best results.