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A brochure is a must-have marketing piece for financial advisors to attract prospects.

Print material is not dead. A professionally designed and content-rich brochure is a vital extension of your brand strategy as a financial advisor. If you’re attending networking or industry events, you need to be able to present who you are without a computer. Your print material should accomplish goals, encourage loyalty from clients and ultimately help you make an emotional connection to a person with a problem for which you hold the solution.

In addition to brochures, there are many other opportunities in print to communicate your value and individuality. A logo is part of your brand identity. You may also need marketing slipsheets, business cards and stationery. For each print piece, AltaCreative will help you think through the process of how it will be used and what audience it should reach. We then develop a cohesive message that supports your identity.

Create your independent identity with AltaCreative.

We know that leaving the wirehouse can feel like being cast adrift from a marketing perspective. Whereas before you were able to align your brand with that of a much larger entity, you must now create a compelling story for your new firm, seemingly without any help. Our marketing team is dedicated to serving you like the individual you are. We’ll help you define your independent identity, from messaging to visuals. We offer project-based estimating and adhere to client-determined deadlines (as possible).